Since 2014 we have blown up a lot of balloons, sometimes hundreds a day. And all different varieties ranging from latex to foils to bubbles. As a result we have a lot of experience when it comes to poor quality and faulty balloons having tried many different manufacturers. We would like to pass on this experience.

We will only supply balloons manufactured by reputable and good quality manufacturers. All finished products are thoroughly quality checked before leaving us in order for our customers to have the best experience.

If a balloon is faulty we will know within 30-60 minutes of it being inflated and we replace it before you are even aware of it. A balloon that has not burst within this small time frame will last if looked after correctly.

Once it has left us it is now the customer’s responsibility and therefore we ask:

  • Give balloons plenty of space when both transporting and storing – they do burst if squashed or squeezed
  • Store at room temperature, balloons do not like extreme temperatures. Sheds, conservatories, garages and vehicles are not places to keep balloons as direct sunlight or next to a fire/radiator as both heat and the cold will affect them
  • They are not toys and need to be treated as fragile. A sharp finger nail, a piece of grit or a key can easily puncture or burst a balloon.