Light it up

New into stock are these really great looking LED balloon ribbons. Perfect for night time parties for when the light gets low, these really stand out.

Available today in White, Blue and Pink

They have 3 settings, solid state, and 2 version of twinkle!

Ask us today about adding these to your party needs. View the video down below



Floating times



Sometimes we are asked how long will a balloon float for? The answer cannot be definitive, and very much depends on the balloon and whether or not it has a valve or has been given a balloon treatment. However we can give you the following information:

11″ latex balloons filled with helium will normally last 16-24 hours without any treatment. We often fill our latex balloons with a special balloon treatment which will extend the float time from anything between 1-4 weeks!

Foil balloons have a valve to stop the helium coming out, and the float times can greatly vary depending on the size of the balloon, smaller once can be a few days, larger ones can be several weeks. Due to the valve system these can be refilled again, though constant refilling will weaken the valve.

Bubble balloons are made from a stretchy plastic and these can last 2-4 weeks and longer, and these too can be refilled.